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Rediscover a new love for your work with the K620T wherever you are!

Ajazz K620T is the ultimate solution to the perfect mobile typing experience. Featuring a minimalistic and sophisticated design, the K620T was designed to deliver the power and tactile satisfaction of a fully mechanical keyboard with a compact and portable functionality for the on-the-go user.

  • Micro - 60% Layout
  • 4400mA battery
  • Dynamic RGB Lights
  • Wireless & Wired Mode
  • Connects up to three devices
  • Type-C USB
  • Stabilized Keys
  • Wheel Volume Control

The K620T was created to fit the mobile typing needs for both laptop and smartphone/tablet users.

A compact 60% layout was chosen to maximize utility and size, while maintaining all of the necessary keys for a fully functional workflow. Whether you’re working from your office, a cafe, or on your commute, the K620T’s size ensures a comfortable and uncompromising typing experience.

The K620T can be used both in wired or Bluetooth modes using the provided USB Type-C cable.

The K620T is available in your choice of Ajazz Black or Blue switches, and is fully compatible with Mac, Windows, and Andorid operating systems. Up to 3 devices can be connected simultaneously, and a smooth transition between each system means your multitasking can be as efficient as ever.

At the heart of the K620T’s design was the need for a more ergonomic and comfortable typing experience - even when you’re on-the-go.

The keyboard is one of the most commonly used tools in our modern daily life, and our interaction with it should be easy and free of physical strain. The K620T’s adjustable feet allows the keyboard to be propped up at 8.5 degrees, the optimal angle for your wrists and the conveniently angled rubber feet keeps the K620T solid on your workstation.

Clicky Switch




Firstblood AJAZZ Blue Switches

Linear Switch




Firstblood AJAZZ Pink Switches

The K620T is packed with a huge 4400mAh battery, which can support more than 880 hours work without RGB lights, and 50 hours of work under RGB lights, depending on your daily usage.

Harboring one of the largest batteries among bluetooth mechanical keyboards currently on the market, the K620T is always ready to take on your work. Encounter a whole new workflow with the freedom of a wireless keyboard - and leave behind your battery woes!


Mac, Windows, or Android

Connect up to 3 devices simultaneously.

Switch between different devices using the FN+Q, FN +W, FN+E or commands (for each of the three connected devices. In the wireless mode, if there’s no operation within 10 minutes, the backlight of the K620T will power off, and after 30 minutes, the bluetooth will be turned off to save power. You can click any of the keyboard to wake up the keyboard. This feature can also be deactivated in the user settings.

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